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The F1 owner who is worth an estimated 2.2billion had to give out £12million for the three day extravaganza at castle which they hired out for his daughterís wedding, according to sources Bernie had no idea how much the wedding cost and just went along with the plans which people are finding hard to believe. However his wife said who cares how much the wedding cost money is nothing and it made my daughter happy, money is no object on a day like this which people did seem to think she has a point but when youíre talking £12 million itís not hard to see why Bernie wasnít that amused. She even said her wedding was disappointing and she wanted to make her daughters special and unique which meant that she would use £12 million to make the perfect day.

Bernie who is clearly not short of a few million didnít react well to the price and really didnít see the great fuss in spending such money but still said if it makes my daughter happy then what will be will be.

Bernie is now facing a lawsuit where somebody is actually claiming that the F1 boss had been giving him money in fact £28 million pounds worth for bribery, he stands up in court later this month and will the case will continue into next year.