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A husband who thought he had lost his wedding ring has been reunited with his wedding ring he dropped inside of a recycling bin thanks to social media site Twitter. Martin Wright was pushing his cardboard into the bin in his local supermarket car park when his gold ring fell off his finger and dropped into the bin without him knowing. The six foot metal bin only had small holes inside at the front. All Martin could do is look and peer inside but it was hopeless. It was a Sunday so none of the emergency numbers would work for Martin; he then sent a Twitter message to the recycling service pleading for help. The wedding ring then fell off into a box somewhere.

He was then contacted by Veolia who contacted the local manager Alan Hotchkiss who managed to stop the container being sent away he then climbed inside the bin and got the ring out, Martin who has been married for 18months was over the moon and could not describe his thanks for the company who helped him save his wedding ring.