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Las Vegas has been named the busiest limousine destination in the world; a survey was taken out by a specialist who tallied up all the destinations in the world to see which state or country he could see the most limousines. He came to the conclusion that Las Vegas was the busiest limousine destination in the world, with over 350 companies in the state operating all over Vegas, it came to no surprise that it would certainly be up there with celebrities to chauffeur around and tourists on holiday wanting a slice of the high life. Las Vegas beat New York which was second to Vegas where New York has around 80 companies just in and around the Manhattan area taking tourists up and down the state. New York was seen to be busier with taxis and with a lot more people using luxury taxis to get around where as in Vegas it seemed that people were splashing the cash to travel out in night in style and pull up to that casino in fashion.