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Limo Hire

A new trend becoming the super wealthy in New York City is for the chauffeur driven customised Mercedes Sprinter Vans, from the outside the sleek long base van looks a little from a luxury limousine but inside it literally is decked out with the most elite gadgets in the world and some luxury features. With the crowd looking around for important people to hop out of the limousines the celebrities are preferring this kind of transport to hide away from all the hassle but still have the glitz and glam of a limousine service taking them around the city. They are built to specific needs of the client and it is rumoured that Jenifer Lopez is interested in hiring one of the vehicles to take her around the town; with this happening will people start to look out for these little jeeps rather than them looking for the super limousines.

As for the Vans they Wi-Fi, plasma screens, Persian rugs, couches, chairs and massaging equipment including gold plated buttons and even a little children entertainment system. Mercedes are thought to be raking in celebritiesí pre ordering the vehicles and they are ready to release them as soon as possible.