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According to investigators a shopper in the mall parking lot spotted the child alone in the parking lot shortly before dark and alerted mall security. Tampa Police officers were called to the scene and were able to convince the 4-year-old to unlock the door.

Police say it was an hour and 15 minutes before the parents finally came back out to their vehicle shortly after 6:00pm. The parents, Svetlana and Alexandr Trachenko were both arrested, which the child and another sibling at home with a nanny were taken into temporary state custody by the Department of Children and Families. "The department is going to look at the supervision of a child," says DCF spokesman Terry Field. "Was the child left in a situation where he or she was in some type of imminent risk? Was the temperature as such where they could have gotten sick or ever die? Where they in a situation where someone could easily take the child, or take the vehicle with the child in the back? We look at the risk the child is placed in."