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5 year old Savannah Nicholls has been very ill in recent years and had a shock surprise when she was invited by the Prime Minister to ride around in his limousine the sick youngster took a turn for the worse during the visit and was rushed to hospital in the PM’s limousine. Savannah was accompanied by her mother Lisa during the visit where a number of really poorly kids get to meet David Cameron at the number 10 at a special event organised by a charity which the Royal Family support.

Savannah was very grateful of the visit and as well as meeting the Prime Minister she also got to appear on the CBeebies show which she seemed to be over the morn with. The young girl from Cornwall is suffering from leukaemia and her visit to the number 10 was very sad the young girl was born with the illness and she was trying to overcome a chest infection at the same time when she visited the number 10. David Cameron said it was a great honour and a very sad site to see for the young girl’s big day.