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Deal to secure the future of Donington Park racetrack could soon be agreed, according to its owners, so how will this have an implication on Derby Limos?

When the East Midlands circuit ran into problems after a deal secured by the operators to host the Formula 1 Grand Prix collapsed we knew the long term affected on Derby limos will be substantial, loss of revenue, loss of clients, and most importantly a reduction of staff. Small things always make a big difference to limousine operators across the country. A local issue would have an impact on the whole region, including jobs, sales and the future of some companies would always lie in deals which are not influenced by Limos in Derby or any other regional operator.

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The lease reverted to the Wheatcroft family in December who has been looking for new partners since. Once again the future has started to look bright for the Donington, therefore Limos in Derby are hoping for a busy future.

Why is this going to make Limos in Derby Busy?

Well simply because this is going to attract crowds into Derby from far and wide, and whenever more people are attracted to a certain region it has economical advantages attached to it. We will get more people wanting to Hire Limos to travel to the event or for a night out into the city centre.

We are keeping our fingers crossed for this deal to go through and many indicators do suggest things are going in the right direction. We will inevitably look for new staff and more vehicles to meet our demands in Derby.